Allan Appel

Allan Appel’s resume includes over 30 years in Manitoba public schools and twelve years with the University of Winnipeg, Faculty of Education. His passion is service learning and he also has tremendous background in technology applications and fostering higher-order thinking. Most recently, Allan has presented the results of his research and shared what he has learned in developing and teaching service and technology courses at the university level.

Much of Allan’s career was spent as a middle years teacher, with some high school, in St. James Assiniboia School Division. While his involvements were broad, his particular interests ran to the creative side – being involved in drama, practical arts, gifted and talented, and critical thinking courses and extra-curricular pursuits. Subsequently, he became involved with the U of W, helping to develop and implement the highly successful Educational Leadership within a Service Learning Framework program for first and second year students in the 5-year Education certificate. He also taught various courses related to information technology and computer use, with a particular emphasis on social media applications for teachers.

Allan offers workshops related to service learning and technology applications. Service learning is a model of community volunteerism in which students earn academic credit, enhance life skills, and grow as citizens through structured engagement with clients of social agencies. The course combines academic instruction, meaningful service, and critical reflective thinking to promote student learning and civic responsibility. Developing a Service Learning Credit Option for Senior Years is an appealing option for Manitoba Stay-In-School initiatives and complements the Grade 12 Global Issues: Citizenship and Sustainability (40S) course. Allan’s workshop is practical – sharing materials and strategies that help senior years teachers to implement their own program successfully.

Allan also trains teachers and teacher candidates in computer programs used in school. He teaches the use of many classroom-friendly information and communication technology (ICT) programs that support “twenty-first century” skills development. Teachers can enhance and extend learning with technology integration and he identifies and demonstrates some he has found useful. Examples of topics include:

  • Social Media in the classroom – examples can be tailored to the audience
  • Digital divide – the new 21st century literacy and Digital Citizenship
  • Taking surveys
  • Dealing with false information / phishing / bogus sites
  • Use of Learning Management Systems

Allan always customizes his presentations. Training is very hands-on. Participants should bring an internet-ready device of their choosing (cell phone, pads, or laptop) to participate fully in learning. All programs described or demonstrated will be free to use.

In either of these topics, participants can expect to take away practical knowledge and materials that could be used in their own classrooms.

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