Dale Kendel, M.P.E.

Dale Kendel offers over 40 years experience in the field of disability, with an emphasis on people living with an intellectual disability. Dale served as Executive Director of Community Living Manitoba for 34 years before retiring in 2009. Dale has had involvement in a wide variety of education issues throughout his tenure, including Bill 58, Bill 13 (Appropriate Education), various Special Education reviews, Transition from School to Adult life protocol, and individual planning issues. Dale has been involved in work on education at the national and interprovincial level.

Dale is well versed in working in the non-profit sector and coalition building among community organizations. Dale offers experience in facilitated discussion, creating planning partnerships with parents and professionals

Dale is interested in assisting your school division in the areas of:

  • Evaluation of programs as part of a team (How effective is an approach against specific criteria – interviewing people to extract data and points of view)
  • How effective is transition from school to adult programs – one school or division or larger study
  • How effective is transition from day care to school
  • Using community resources effectively – building partnerships with families and community agencies
  • Facilitating groups about a wide variety of topics
  • Focus group facilitating on topics like parent satisfaction with programs for their children
  • Dale holds a Master’s degree in Physical Education.

For further information about Dale’s services or Education Solutions Manitoba, contact us.