Ira Udow, M.Ed.

Ira has over 38 years of experience as an Early Years Educator, Resource Teacher, Special Education Resource Teacher, Vice Principal and Principal in a variety of elementary schools throughout the Winnipeg School Division. For the past seven years Ira has been actively involved with the UNESCO Associated Schools Network, both as a member of the organization and as the chair of the provincial network. He continues to organize a successful inter-school cultural diversity program along with the Canadian Centre for Diversity and is now coordinating an international partnership with UNESCO schools in Manitoba and Ohio with the support of Rotary International. Ira has joined the University of Winnipeg’s Faculty of Education as a course instructor and is enjoying being a Faculty Supervisor for student teachers’ school practicum placements. Ira’s interests in social justice, human rights, and environmental sustainability have led him to participate in the Manitoban Education for Sustainable Development Working Group and the Social Justice Coalition.

Summary of Professional Qualifications

  • Experienced administrator with expertise in Leadership and Management, Personnel Supervision, Communications, and Program Management,
  • Extensive background in staff recruitment and retention; staff coaching and development,
  • Extensive experience in coordinating organizational and strategic planning,
  • Experience in developing an effective and supportive Home-School partnership,
  • Deep understanding of theoretical and practical principles of teaching and learning,
  • Extensive experience in developing appropriate educational programming for students with academic, physical, social/emotional and behavioral special needs,
  • Experience in developing an Education for Sustainability School Plan,
  • Extensive experience in mediating school conflicts and disputes involving students, parents and staff.


Ira’s core service is administrative mentorship – a one-to-one relationship between him and a school administrator or administrator-in-training. Administrative mentorship allows a personalized growth plan that is centred on the unique needs of the participant. In addition, whether as part of the administrative mentorship or as stand-alone services, Ira can provide support for Strategic School Planning and developing a school-wide Education for Sustainability Plan.

Administrative mentorship can involve guidance and support in:

  • School administration,
  • Human resource management,
  • Interpersonal communication and relationship,
  • Coordination of in-school student services, and
  • Planning and change leadership.

Strategic School Planning involves supporting development of a school strategic plan based on Manitoba Education’s process for annual school planning and reporting.

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) is based on the UNESCO “pillars of learning” and includes:

  • Facilitation of the development of an Education for Sustainability School Plan
  • Assisting teachers to integrate and incorporate the social, cultural, environmental and economic concepts of ESD into their classroom activities.
  • Assisting the school community in understanding the link between ESD and the educational themes and pillars of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

See the specific services pages for complete descriptions.

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Services Specialties

Administrative Mentorship