Janet Thompson, MEd

Janet has over 30 years of teaching experience in the area of special education, working as a Classroom Teacher, Special Ed Resource Teacher, Reading Recovery Teacher©, Support Teacher and Certified PATH Facilitator.  Most recently, Janet spent 10 years as the FASD Support Teacher in the Winnipeg School Division’s Special Education Department.  In that role, among other things, she developed individualized “Learning Profiles” for students with FASD and administered them on a one-to-one basis. These profiles, linked to the students’ brain differences, helped to increase students’ understanding of their strengths and challenges.

Janet has taught students with a variety of severe special needs, including: Multiple Handicaps, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Deaf and Hard of Hearing, FASD, Muscular Dystrophy, Severe Emotional Disorders and students who are Deaf & Blind. She has taught in institutional settings, private and public schools as well as segregated and inclusive environments.

Janet has served as chairperson of two non-profit organizations dealing with special needs in the community, and was an active board member of three special needs community organizations.

She holds a Masters of Special Education in Severe Special Needs from Boston College and an undergraduate degree from Boston University in the areas of elementary education and special education.

Janet has presented at conferences across Canada on a range of subjects, including: Working with and Understanding Students with FASD; Developing “Learning Profiles” for students with FASD; Differentiating Instruction; Understanding the Sensory Needs of Students with Autism; Teacher and Educational Assistant Team Development; and Gentle Teaching (John McGee). She is prepared to offer workshops on those and related topics.

In recent years, Janet has worked primarily with administrators, teachers, parents/guardians, clinicians, medical professionals and agency workers to improve the quality of education for students with special needs.   With that expertise, she can provide direct support to instructional and support staff in the areas of:

  • Working with students with FASD and Autism,
  • Incorporating “Gentle Teaching” philosophies,
  • Facilitating PATHs (Planning Alternatives Tomorrows with Hope), and
  • Developing individual “Learning Profiles” for students, especially for students with FASD.

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