Our Experience

Education Solutions Manitoba (ESM) facilitates contracted connections between consultants and educational or other individuals and organizations. ESM helps consultants by advertising their availability, negotiating their services and contracts, and arranging payment. Consultants remain independent contractors while concentrating on what they do best – delivering professional supports.

Our consultants have been involved in a wide variety of work over the past few years.  Learn more about the scope of projects and services we have supported below:

  • Anne, John and Joan have been closely involved in the development and implementation of Planning Inclusive Cultures in Schools project in a number of provincial school divisions and schools.  Their process includes working with stakeholder groups from the school community to build a unified, strong and purposeful vision for the school.  “Planning Inclusive Cultures in Schools encourages, prods, shows and reminds us how we can all be miracle workers.”    Dr. John R. Wiens, Dean Emeritus, Faculty of Education, University of Manitoba
  • Inclusive Education Canada recently worked with Education Solution Manitoba to secure the services of Joan to deliver training in Fort Smith, Northwest Territories.  Joan joined Gordon Porter in providing comprehensive presentations and discussions that included background in Universal Design for Learning as well as curriculum development and purposeful inclusive education.
  • Education Solutions Manitoba has helped schools and school divisions link up with Richard, our resident expert in dispute resolution, when third party mediation is needed to resolve challenging situations between staff and between staff and parents.  His calm demeanour, knowledge and experience are greatly appreciated by all who work with him.
  • Jennifer brings care and good-heartedness to her work with kids and families. She knows how to meet people and walk with them on a pathway of growth.  I have seen her work with many students and parents with significant needs over the years. She is able to support Aboriginal people on journeys of self-identity and healing and has been a positive force in the lives of families through both traditional and non-traditional means. She is a gifted healer, who works tirelessly for the People.”                                                ~ A Metis School Social Worker