Aboriginal Perspectives: Drumming

Consultant: Jennifer Oborne Crolly

An Aboriginal perspective brings a worldview that is different from the view of mainstream education. It is one that touches the heart and spirit as well as the mind, and can enrich how we learn, what we talk about, how we feel, and who we become…

The Drum brings the heartbeat that unites humanity. She is the heartbeat of the Earth, the heartbeat of the mother, the child’s first song… Through the Drum we remember that we are all one human family and one earthly family, and we come to remember our belonging with all of life.

As we gather around the Drum, we come together of one heart and one mind as we sing for ourselves, our families, our communities and our Earth; acting as global citizens for the good of all. She teaches us how to take care of Life.

Jennifer can offer schools and classrooms a range of Drumming experiences, from one-time exposure sessions to ongoing school-wide experiences. Examples include:

  • Individual classroom Drumming sessions (30-60 minutes per session, depending on grade levels)
  • Preparing a classroom to share a song on the Drum (this involves 3 individual classroom drumming sessions of 45 minutes each, and a 4th session for the sharing event)
    • This could include an additional session for Smudging the Drum if space/facilities permit
  • Ongoing group Drumming sessions

All services are tailored to the school’s needs.

Jennifer is a highly skilled professional with over 25 years of combined experience as a Student Services Teacher, an Aboriginal Perspectives Consultant, and a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner. She offers a variety of contract services to schools to assist them in integrating Aboriginal perspectives in education, and provides unique supports through BodyTalk to help address a range of classroom needs such as issues of behaviour, stress, classroom or staff dynamics, and teacher wellness.

Fees are typically $500 per half-day, $900 per full-day plus expenses.