An Introduction to Asperger Syndrome

Consultant: Anne Kresta, M.Sc.

As a parent of two sons with Asperger Syndrome (an Autism Spectrum Disorder) and a strong advocate for inclusive education, Anne will provide a background on the disorder, the effect of changes in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual on its diagnosis, and how parents, teachers, educational assistants and others can help students with this disorder work together to achieve their potential. Anne’s sons often accompany her to offer their personal insights as part of the presentation.

Anne’s presentation describes aspects of diagnosis, common features of this disorder and its impacts on executive functioning. The workshop also proposes strategies that can be used to help overcome some of the daily struggles experienced by your students. Through personal examples, Anne’s co-presenters can provide testimony to how various strategies may be implemented to work most effectively and how unique each individual with AS is given the multidimensional nature of this disorder.

The workshop takes up to three hours to deliver depending upon the availability of co-presenters and the span of content to be covered.

Anne Kresta is a parent, advocate, presenter and researcher who contributes to improving inclusive education for all children. She began working in community service and inclusive education in 1998 when it became apparent that two of her three children had neurodevelopmental disorders that affected learning and functioning in a typical classroom setting. Already an established researcher at the time, she quickly developed skills to advocate for her own children’s schooling. Then, recognizing the broader need and her ability to make a positive difference, she expanded her work into helping other parents, schools and community services to respond more effectively with all persons who require additional supports. From 2009-2014, she worked as Community Living Manitoba’s point person for educational and community initiatives. She has written and presented extensively and has been involved in provincial, national and international initiatives.