Autism Spectrum Disorder Consultation

Consultant:  Mary Jo Quarry M.ED

Schools and school divisions often need expertise related to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Mary Jo has 24 years of unique experience in this area, having been a resource teacher and consultant with the Autism Service at the Health Sciences Centre and Neurodevelopmental Services/Autism at Manitoba Adolescent Treatment Centre.

Mary Jo provides consultation regarding programming issues, IEP creation and IEP implementation for students (K-12) with ASD. Her consultation services will be tailored to local needs and can involve:

  • Review of clinical materials and IEPs
  • In-school observation of student and information-gathering from staff
  • Meeting with school staff / parents regarding summary of observations / recommendations
  • Detailed written summary of observations / recommendations within 10 days
  • One-year telephone, e-mail follow-up for school staff / parents