Facilitating Student and School Planning

Consultant: Joan Zaretsky, Ph.D.

During 32 years in education, Joan has facilitated planning process in various situations. As a principal, she collaboratively planned individual education plans and mandated school plans with in-school teams. In Ontario, she facilitated school division project plans as a leader in the “Creating a Culture of Change” government initiative. An interesting project was the development of a plan to increase the presence of the Ojibway culture in the former Dryden School division. With the Manitoba Teachers’ Society, she was instrumental in the development of the School Planning workshop offered by the Teacher Action Cohort. The development of action plans is regularly built into her workshops to help participants use their new knowledge and skills when they return to their daily reality. She recognizes the value of an objective external facilitator who can ask the hard questions and guide the planning process.

Joan draws on training by the Canadian Institute of Cultural Affairs and other workshops to support her own up-to-date knowledge and understanding of the planning process. With flexibility to meet participant needs, Joan’s facilitation typically includes three major components:

  • Scanning the environmental context in which the plan is being developed (understanding strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats [SWOT]);
  • identifying a manageable number of SMART goals, each with a supporting action plan, including targets and timelines for successful completion; and
  • monitoring the plan on a regular basis, making course corrections as needed.

In addition to facilitating individual student and school plan development, Joan also offers the following prepared workshops. She is open to supporting your unique planning needs in the development of any upcoming programs or projects.

  • Team Building
  • Building Your In-School Team
  • Developing a Plan to Enhance Competencies when Placed in a Supervision Model
  • School Planning
  • Strategic Planning (most familiar with the Cambridge Model)
  • Developing a School Mission/Vision