Formative Review of Student Services

Consultant: John VanWalleghem

As a major component of an effective education system, school divisions periodically examine their student services to renew directions and redesign activities with best practices in mind, particularly since the province passed legislation and wrote standards related to appropriate education.

John, with at least one co-reviewer, is prepared to review a school division’s student services to describe the current status and identify that educational community’s potential priorities. The final report will typically cover:

  • Description of current context including school climate
  • Synthesis of the community’s shared visions/dreams and goals
  • Comparison of current student service system to
    • Manitoba Education regulations, standards and policies
    • The community’s shared visions/dreams and goals
  • Recommendations for the way forward
    • Strengths to build on
    • Priorities for action

The results will give a school division a solid foundation for strategic planning based on current strengths while focused on improved services.

Specific Processes

The process often involves the following key activities:

  1. Collecting and reviewing written plans, procedures and documents
  2. On-line self-review by key staff based on provincial standards
  3. On-site school visits and data gathering
  4. Individual interviews with senior administration and student services staff
  5. Focus groups with other stakeholders including School Boards, parents (with and without identified special needs children), students (with and without identified special needs), teachers, support staff (EAs, secretaries, custodian, bus drivers, etc.)
  6. School climate surveys completed by students (specific to elementary or secondary)
  7. On-line survey open to all stakeholders
  8. Report writing and delivery to School Board

However, every formative review must be tailored to a specific school division. Factors such as the scope of the review, timing and responsibilities of the consultants and school division will be negotiated.