Group Facilitation and Participatory Strategic Planning

Consultant:  Anne Kresta, M.Sc.

As an ICA-trained Level I & II facilitator (see and through her professional experience, Anne has helped diverse groups within the education system and community to affirm a common vision, identify and ameliorate underlying obstacles, plan strategic directions and develop action plans. Working with your school community, she can help develop and facilitate processes that make sense and lead to success in school planning or developing innovative practices and projects.

General time commitments:

  1. Group facilitation – consensus workshop – 3 h workshop + prep and follow-up

(Meeting ahead of time to discuss format, scope and goals for the workshop, the workshop itself, and a report of the proceedings.)

  1. Strategic planning workshop – 8 h workshop + prep and follow up (Meeting ahead of time to discuss format, scope and goals for the workshop, the workshop itself and a report of the proceedings)

Aspects of the strategic planning workshop include:

  • Practical Vision: Engage the group in generating a shared vision for the future;
  • Underlying Obstacles: Identify barriers preventing successful realization of your vision;
  • Strategic Directions: Use the groups creativity to form innovative strategies that lead to success;
  • Action Plans: Create practical action plans that inspire commitment and immediate implementation (this may be broken up into two separate 4 h workshops depending upon time available and audience participation).

Anne Kresta is a parent, advocate, presenter and researcher who contributes to improving inclusive education for all children. She began working in community service and inclusive education in 1998 when it became apparent that two of her three children had neurodevelopmental disorders that affected learning and functioning in a typical classroom setting. Already a proven researcher at the time, she quickly developed skills to advocate for her own children’s schooling. Then, recognizing the broader need and her ability to make a positive difference, she expanded her work into helping other parents, schools and community services to respond more effectively with all persons who require additional supports. From 2009-2014, she worked as Community Living Manitoba’s point person for educational and community initiatives. She has written and presented extensively and has been involved in provincial, national and international initiatives.