Interpersonal Facilitation

Consultant: Joan Zaretsky, Ph.D.

In her many educational roles, Joan has delivered various workshops in Canada and the United States. She presented training sessions for Manitoba Education in her early career, facilitated the “Creating a Culture of Change” initiative sponsored by the Ontario Ministry of Education, and more recently, delivered specialist certification workshops for the Manitoba Teachers’ Society. She received training from the Canadian Institute of Cultural Affairs in group facilitation, teamwork and strategic planning. She is currently involved with Learning Forward (formerly The National Staff Development Council), promoting effective instructional change for teachers and leadership skills for school administrators.

Joan plans her workshops based on effective adult learning principles. Participants move beyond knowing to understanding and planning for active doing within their unique context. She invites active participation through opportunities for individual and group reflection on current practices and action planning. Joan recognizes that participants can gain a well developed awareness of new ideas and concepts in a one shot workshop. However, for change to become embedded, she endorses sustained conversations and guided practice. She is prepared to offer re-visits to reinforce continued reflection and skills practice.

In the area of Interpersonal Facilitation, Joan has prepared workshops on the following topics with workshops presented in the past year highlighted. They range from one hour to two days, would be tailored to meet your specific needs, and can be offered for administrator certification. These workshops develop productive interpersonal skills and understanding for educators encountering many different stakeholders in their daily school context. As well, she is always keen to develop new workshops if you have a topic which is not found below.

  • Facilitation Skills for School Leaders
  • Working Effectively with All Your Stakeholders
  • Building a Team that Really Works
  • Parental Involvement
  • Working with the Other Adults in Your Classroom: Two Scenarios (Educational Assistants and Co-Teachers)
  • Engaging Thought Leaders to Collaboratively Achieve a Goal