Strategic Planning Using PATH

Consultants: John VanWalleghem, Ph.D., Janet Thompson, M.Ed

 Both John and Janet offer facilitation for strategic planning within schools, divisions and other educational organizations. While long term, improvement planning is often an internally directed process, sometimes external facilitation is advisable:

  • To free the usual planning leaders for full participation in discussions; or
  • To ensure as little bias in the facilitation process as possible.

For facilitating strategic planning, John or Janet use the PATH (Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope) process, often modified to suit the situation. Strategic planning using PATH requires at least a half day and might be combined with further planning processes to create a fully realized, detailed plan.

The PATH planning process results in a graphic chart of the futures thinking of the organization. Most organizations like to have that chart reduced, either by hand or digital photography, and ESM can make those arrangements, too.