Towards a More Satisfying and Competent Employment Experience

Consultant:  Joan Zaretsky, Ph.D.

With 30-plus years in public education, including 12 as a staff officer with the Manitoba Teachers’ Society, Joan’s coaching can help educators at all levels move towards a more satisfying and competent employment experience. Coaching involves working with individuals or small groups through advising, modeling and counseling. She has previous experience coaching individual teachers and principals placed on the supervision track due to competency challenges. The most intense intervention resembles an ongoing mentorship. Joan follows a classic change model that involves several steps:

  • understanding the current situation
  • goal setting and action planning, with targets and timelines
  • intervention and progress monitoring
  • debriefing and reflection

Each intervention is tailored to the educator’s needs and results in a more self-aware and empowered professional.

Coaching can be applied to various personal growth areas. Joan has successfully delivered workshops, including:

  • Resume Writing and the Interview Process
  • Time Management
  • Stress Strategies for Teachers
  • The Attitude as the Mind’s Paintbrush
  • Establishing an Effective Study Group/Book Study

She is prepared to discuss these and other areas through a free pre-intervention interview.