The ESM Perspective

Our education system is a dynamic, continuously evolving structure, filled with dynamic and continuously evolving personnel.  Whether training new staff, supporting the development of school leaders, introducing progressive strategies, reviewing programs or simply navigating interpersonal relationships, Manitoba schools and school divisions often benefit from short-term external professional supports to address short to medium term needs or goals.

Often, the task of searching for and finding the appropriate support can be overwhelming for staff tasked with finding the right fit for the job.

Education Solutions Manitoba developed out of knowledge and confidence that there are many experienced, respected local consultants who are ready, willing and able to provide these valuable services at reasonable costs.  At ESM we recruit personnel with proven skills in their areas of interest and match them up with schools and school divisions expressing the desire to pursue professional development or training in a specific area.

For schools and school divisions, ESM is a one-stop-shop for your professional development needs.  No more needlessly relying on expensive, out-of-province experts or sending staff to one-shot workshops when an ongoing professional relationship would be better.

ESM offers reasonably priced, tailored consultation provided by Manitobans with the necessary expertise and experience.

For current and prospective consultants, ESM promotes their services across the province and takes the worry out of negotiating and developing a service contract.  Consultants are able to do what they do best – provide expertise where it is needed, under conditions that are mutually agreeable to them and the school/school division that needs them.

Check out some of the work we have been involved with here.