Working with ESM

ESM works with consultants to define their services and contracting terms, including availability, fee schedule, and travel and personal considerations. Then ESM adds the consultant’s information to its website and promotion materials and seeks opportunities for contracts.

Once a client (individual or organization such as school division, school, or association) expresses interest, ESM informs the consultant and negotiates a contract on behalf of the consultant. This includes reaching agreement as necessary on:

  • Exact nature of the consulting services,
  • Dates, times, and schedule of service,
  • Materials preparation,
  • Travel arrangements and payment,
  • Equipment provision,
  • Technology availability (e.g., video-conference facilities, A/V),
  • Service fees, and
  • Payment arrangements.

When agreement is arranged, ESM and the individual or organization develop a contract with all three parties (consultant, ESM, client) as signatories.


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